Obtaining or commissioning photographs from Dimitris Sivyllis

Most images at this site, and images from a vast library of stock not shown in these galleries are available for licencing or purchase.

Corporate or private work can be commissioned to be done at the client's location or studio, or we can create a temporary makeshift studio for the purposes of the work. Commissioned work may include portraiture, product photography, fashion, stage, travel or editorial photography and imaging.

Commissioned work can be undertaken anywhere in the world, from a business based in Massachusetts, in the United States and costed from starting points in the United States (Boston, MA, or Orlando, FL), or from Italy (Florence, Tuscany, or Forli, Emilia-Romagna) or from Greece (Athens).

...corporate photo use suggestions for, among other purposes:

  • Advertising materials
  • Product shots
  • Personnel
  • Building and interior
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Use for social media, website, annual report, internal memos
  • Including design, print publishing and web publishing services

  • Ongoing support, updating and maintenance


To make inquiries and to discuss your requirements:
please email: dimitris@sivyllis.com,
or, call:
+1 617 275 4441 in the United States,
+39 327 105 1802 in Italy, or
+30 697 330 1770 in Greece.


A selective mention of clients and work, 1980 to today

  • Exclusive dress reharsals photography of the National Theater of Greece and the National Opera of Greece for all publicity and front of house photographs of the 1980-1981 season, through the Mavroyiennis Studio, Athens, Greece.

  • Dress rehersal photography for the Royal Shakespeare Company, London, and events at the Southbank Center and Royal Festival Hall in a freelance capacity, publishing photographs at Magazines such as Time Out, City Limits and Where to Go in London, 1981 through 1983.

  • Corporate portraiture and corporate events photography in London and the UK, 1981 through 1983.

  • Publicity and publications photographer for the British National Insurace Company, 1982 and 1983.

  • High-end studio photography for Stage, TV and Cinema actors, and products for Advertising Agencies and magazines through the Dinos Diamantopoulos Studio in Athens, Greece, 1984 through 1986.

  • Manager of photography and principal photographer for Grecian Holidays, a London, UK tour operator with seasonal and annual brochures the flagship of which was a 200-page publications showcasing some 1,000 Hotels and establishments in over 40 resorts around Greece and Cyprus, 1986 through 1989.

  • Print production coordination including web and offset press approvals for the fashion catalog Chadwick's of Boston and for Boston area Marketing Agencies, 1990 through 1996.

  • Design and programming of Information Technology organizational systems for over 58 Marketing and Branding agencies and television industry production companies including Smart Design, New York City; Viewpoint Studios, Massachusetts; Group Publishing, Loveland Colorado; the Polaroid Corporation, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the Bose Corporation, Framingham, Massachusetts, from 1996 through today.

  • Designed and programmed database software to organize the Polaroid Corporation Art Collection, 1998.

  • Designed and published websites for photographers, for science and for social benefit, including the web presence of Astrophysicist Dr. Athena Coustenis, Paris France; photographer Dinos Diamantopoulos in Athens, Greece; and offered voluntary public service in promoting local areas such as a village in the Appenines near Florence, Italy, from 2004 to today.

  • Product photography for catalog and commercial website, including for Alentec & Orion AB, Sweden, in 2008.

  • Works as travel and people photographer from 2008 to today.



Preliminary costing suggestions
Costs outlined below are a guideline, to be considered and ultimately decided on a per-job basis according to client needs and reuirements.

Licensing existing images for non-profit purposes or social endeavors, to be used on the internet or in print, may be entirely cost-free at the discretion of the photographer. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


All commissioned work will be billed as follows, after agreement and consideration to the particularities of each commission, plus all expenses.
Expenses will include travel to the location where work will be undertaken, plus cost of overnight stays at reasonable pre-agreed accommodations, plus meals, plus any special equipment or supplies needed for the particular work that are beyond the regularly expected equipment and supplies.
Post-production on each delivered image: The work to correct and finalize color balance and quality as well as brightness and contrast and any lens distortion (to arrive at the same professional standards as one would expect from work in the darkroom, with film and photographic paper of years past), is done in latest version Adobe Photoshop CC, with expertise stemming from years of darkroom work. In the context of professional work, "post-production" is not acceptable as a means to digitally enhance, improve or alter reality, or in any way alter the original image produced in the camera during the shoot beyond the standard corrections as explained above. Post-production work is an intergral part of delivery and is costed separately (see below).
Delivered work: All images are delivered in digital format and the files can be .psd, .tiff, .jpg, .jpg optimized for web, or .pdf. The original .raw file is not available, as it is today's equivalent to a negative. Images required to be delivered in printed format will carry an additional cost for printing, to be agreed upon beforehand, on a case-by-case basis.
Rights: All images remain the intellectual property of the photographer, always. In most cases, the copyright sumpol "©" is displayed next to the name of the photographer. Varied aspects of the right to reproduction and publication of the images can rest with the client depending on licensing and on whether the images are the result of commissioned work. In the case of commissioned work publishing rights always rest exclusively with the client, and, on mutually agreed cases, clients' images may be used by the photographer for promotional purposes.

Suggested costs

    USD   EURO
From existing stock: Licensing per image:        
Non-profit and social benefit (see above)   $0.00   € 0,00
Websites and blogs   $45.00   € 35,00
Print (inside pages)   $120.00   € 100,00
Print (front or back cover)   $450.00   € 350,00
News media (newspapers)   $80   € 65,00
- Photographer's credit is required in all publications regardless of media or purpose.        
- The above licensing costing table does not include worldwide rights or all-time rights to publication, but only local rights for the one-time specific publication. All-time and worldwide rights licensing costs may be discussed on a case-by-case basis.        
Commissioned work:        
Hourly rate   $120.00   € 100,00
Daily rate (6-12 hrs)   $1,000.00   € 900,00
Each overnight   $200.00   € 150,00
Full week (6 days, 5 overnights)   $5,000.00   € 4,300,00
Each delivered image, post-production   $15.00-$90.00   € 12,00-€ 75,00
- The minimum post production cost per image is obligatotory for delivery. A higher-than-minimum post-production cost will be discussed on a case-by-case basis, if necessary.        
- Photographer's credit on publication may not be required for commercial work.        
Corporate functions (up to 4 hrs)        
One to four hours   $600.00   € 500,00
Four to eight hours   $1,200.00   € 1.000,00
Each delivered image, post-production   $12.00   € 10,00
Corporate portraits        
Each individual portrait,
up to 1-hour session
€ 150,00
Additional hrs
up to 5 hrs/12 sittings, each hr.
€ 110,00
Each portrait post-production   $35.00   € 25,00
Private functions & portraits        
Each hour, up to 4 hrs   $250.00   € 200,00
Day rate ( more than 4, up to 8 hrs)   $1,500.00   € 1.250,00
Each delivered image, post-production   $10.00   € 8,00
Additional Services        
Photography Instruction,
In English language, Hourly rate:
Adult education centers, honorarium to be discussed.
€ 50,00
Adobe Photoshop Instruction, CC2020,
In English language Hourly rate
(max 2-hr sessions):
Adult education centers, honorarium to be discussed.
€ 80,00
Press Approvals,
printed materials color quality control:
Catalogs, magazines, books, posters
for web and offset print jobs,
Daily rate (4-8 hrs)


€ 900,00




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To license or to purchase images or posters for your use, or to discuss commissioned work:

US: +1 617 275 4441
Italy: +39 327 105 1802    Greece: +30 697 330 1770