Dimitris Sivyllis (Δημήτρης Σιβύλλης) is a travel, editorial and commercial photographer working in the United States, Europe and beyond, based near Florence, Italy.
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Dimitris Sivyllis

Dimitris graduated from the London Film School in 1980 and spent the next ten years as a commercial photographer, practicing stage, advertising, corporate, studio, tourism and travel photography based in London and Athens before moving permanently to the United States in 1990. He remained in his adopted country, raised a family in Massachusetts and expanded the scope of his work to include print production as well as databases and website design. He taught photography at the Boston Center for Adult Education from 1990 to 2006 and in London,1980-81.

He was born in Athens, Greece in 1958. He was given his first Kodak instamatic 104 at the age of 6 and by age 17, when he moved to London, photography had become his main interest, mode of expression and full time endeavor.

Since 2008 he lives and works as a photographer and web designer based in a small village in the mountains two hours east of Florence, in Italy, with his wife. From their village-home in Italy they also spend some time every year back in the United States and in Greece.

The recurring theme in his work is the contemplative observance of details in moments in time.


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